Industry Calls to Action

Implementation of the calls to action below will strengthen the construction industry, assure needed workforce for ongoing and future projects and lift people out of poverty, strengthening the entire region.

1. Commit to and implement cultural competency/racial equity training across all levels

2. Weigh and include racial diversity in project design selection


–Unbundle contracts/projects to increase minority participation and competitiveness to build capacity
–Implement a 10 day pay program for minority owned businesses


3. Implement mandatory minimum standards for minority workforce recruitment


–Simplify the application process to increase opportunity and access
–Implement new strategies to recruit minority youth applicants


4. Create stronger career pathways for minority construction employees


–Provide robust professional development opportunities including mentorships and scholarships
–Commit to retain minority employees for a minimum of one year


5. Be transparent by tracking and sharing data regarding minority recruitment, retention and work hours