The work you are about to embark on is not easy and it won’t be quick.

Learning takes time.

Remember to be patient and forgiving of yourself and your Catalyst Circle participants.

No berating ourselves for what wasn’t known. What’s important today is that we are taking the necessary steps to increase our level of knowledge, compassion, and understanding. Respect yourself and respect each other. Appreciate that this is a learning journey that we are embarking upon together. We will mess up. That is a near-certainty. However, we will know more today and the next day and the next.

As you begin this journey, here are few items to help you get started:

Catalyst Circle Formation

The ideal group size is 10 to 12 participants who have expressed an interest in learning about racial equity. Your group should form organically, and may include a mix of friends from various races or not.

Find a Facilitator

It is strongly recommended that you engage a facilitator to participate in your Catalyst Circle meetings. To assist in finding a facilitator, there are several resources listed on page 18, under “Additional Training & Facilitation Resources.”


Set Meeting Dates/Times

It is recommended that Catalyst Circles meet monthly and allow for two hours for each meeting. Your meeting schedule is ultimately up to you, to proceed at a pace that works well for your group.

Set ground rules

And set expectations for the group and apply these expectations to each meeting.