Racial equity can come through system-wide policy changes.
It can also come through YOU.

Throughout its history, St. Louis has long wrestled with race relations. Today, through the diligent work of the Ferguson Commission, we can better understand our role in making our community more equitable.

Following a familiar book club format, the Catalyst Circle toolkit guides individuals, meeting in a small group over the course of twelve meetings, through a curriculum focused on bringing racial equity into focus. The goal of this work, undertaken by individuals, small groups, and organizations throughout St. Louis, is to raise the level of understanding and identify a path toward racial equity.


By having potentially difficult conversations about race with your friends and family, we can all play a part in stemming the tide of racism. No longer being comfortable remaining a bystander to our community’s racial inequities, this work will equip you to engage in those conversations, to share insights from a mis-matched history, to radically listen to those who are different from you, and to become an individual catalyst for change in our community.

Set forth within each meeting description are suggestions for an article, a book and a video. Your group chooses which learning methods to pursue. You can select all articles, all books, or all videos – or a combination of all three. Each meeting also notes additional learning opportunities and identifies specific cultural resources and dining and entertainment destinations to explore and experience.



Book selections address the topic of each meeting and invite Catalyst Circle participants to engage in a rich discussion of the themes at play – both in the book and in St. Louis.


Visual learners will enjoy the rich array of videos on the topic of race and racism. From short 2-minute YouTube clips to rich, 2-hour documentaries, there is a host of material to explore with your Catalyst Circle.


Articles can complement the books or videos or can stand alone as the topic of meeting. Taken from a range of sources, including mainstream media outlets and educational journals, the recommended articles will provide material for rich discussion.

Immersion Activities

Learning is made all the more impactful when accompanied by first-hand experiences. Each month, there are suggested activities – places to experience, exhibits to visit – that will complement the topic at hand.